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Marc C-Loved the book. Kept my interest for hours at a time. Great characters, fun interactions and conflicts. Congratulations.

Bob L.-Just wanted to let you know that I finished 'Never a Sextant' last week-end and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I've got
to give you a lot of credit for writing a novel with so many fictitious characters and one that had to have required
one hell of a lot of research!  It truly held my interest through to the end, where it became more and more difficult to put down! Anyway...great read...let me know when the next one is coming out.

Ken B.- BS I am really enjoying your book!  Great plot and I love the way you write...for me it “reads” very easily and coherently.
Wanted to let you know that I finished your book last week and thoroughly enjoyed it!  It seems a little bizarre with the local news about the magnetism at the airport and the flooding in Australia.  In my humble opinion we are not getting all the “facts” on this polar shifting from either the media or the government...

Mark B.- Really great read! Excellent story development and characters! Weird how so many things in the book are now actually coming to fruition.

Vilma A- Very good book Steve. Gave it to a friend who also read it and loved it.

Betty W- Fun adventure and so well written.

Deborah K-  A truly enjoyable read!  I can't wait for the sequel!
Bill B- Never A sextant is a remarkable account about a series of events that hopefully will never occurs. If it does I hope that the worlds best scientists and military leaders have read this book. Steven Thomas grabs you on the second page and never lets you go. I give this book an E ticket!
Lissa M- Fascinating story and gripping narrative. I wanted the story never to end.
John H- As a voracious reader of action adventurers I found my appetite for action and suspense more than satisfied. 
Rich H- This was one of those book you enjoy so much you hate to see those last few pages getting closer. I was so evolved is finding out how all the main characters lives were effected I didn’t want it to end. I look forward to Steven’s next novel very much!
Suzanne G- This book had a lot of characters, and once I finished it felt like I made new friends. This is a complex story which must have required much research by Steven Thomas. I was held inside the story the entire time. Bring on book 2.